Paul Roberts Portrait Commission

Paul Roberts

Artist Paul Roberts has kindly donated a portrait commission with a value of £10,000 — £15,000 to be auctioned in aid of the RUH’s new cancer treatment centre. Painted in oils, the single portrait will not require lengthy sitting. Paul will visit the sitter to take photographs.

At his converted chapel in Somerset, Paul Robertspaints insightful and strikingly realistic portraits. From the beginning of his career, Paul has always divided his time between art and music. He was the lead singer of the successful band Sniff ’n’ the Tears, best known for their 1979 hit ‘Driver’s Seat’ that reached number 15 in the American charts. Having enjoyed success early on as a painter, he concentrated on his music career in the 1980s and 1990s only returning to painting properly in 2000. He has had solo exhibitions in London, Paris and Amsterdam and recently he has taken on many portrait commissions which his photorealistic painting style fits perfectly. His work has received many plaudits ‘Paul Roberts paints with a natural fluency…and poetic directness,’ said a review in the Guardian. An art critic in Art Review commented ‘As staggering as the subjects is the sheer technique used in their depiction; the attention to detail is minute and Paul Roberts’ treatment of light and skin places him amongst the classic masters of flesh.’

LIVE AUCTION item with bids welcomed online. To register interest in bidding for this or any other artwork please email